Vivo Barefoot Footwear at Ascot Chiropractors

Chiropractors of Ascot are now official distributors for Vivo Barefoot Footwear. Vivo are at the forefront of foot technology, and we believe good posture can be improved through functional footwear. The fact is, how we stand ultimately has an effect on our spine. If our feet are feeling pressured, our entire posture is altered.

Naturally, we are not a shoe shop, but we have the full range and sizes on hand, so you cant try them on, make your selection, and we order them in for you.

As an opening promotion, we are offering 20% off the full range for a month.

Start marching to a different drum with new footwear that supports you, rather than you supporting it.


Barefoot Foot Wear

good shoes support good posture

Good for Posture, Good for You!


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