Stand Up Straight! But Why?

Good Posture is No Accident.

After we get through our teenage years of our mother sternly telling us to “stand up straight” most of us don’t even think about it. However, poor posture has become so common in society that we now seem to think it is normal. There is, however, a big difference between ‘common’ and ‘normal’ and the effects of poor posture on our health have been studied extensively and shown to have a huge impact on health scores of individuals of all ages. But the sad fact is that the general population is unaware of what we can do to change our poor posture, therefore we choose to focus on treating the symptoms and aftermath of years of slumping, instead of focusing on changing it.

The fact of the matter is, we are spending more and more time at computers and hand held electronic devices, not less. We still sit in cars and on trains for the commute to work, aeroplanes to move quickly around the world and the average Australian is spending over 3 hours per day watching TV. Just stand taller, pull your shoulders back and stop sitting at your computer are the advice given for poor posture.

But at Chiropractors of Ascot, we have the answer you have been searching for. Using Advanced Bio-structural Correction (ABCTM) we have the tools to change your posture permanently. ABC is a new form of results driven chiropractic treatment, which offers consistent and predictable results to all bodies, of all ages.

Make an appointment with Dr Kyle Holmes today and fix your posture – for good!


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