Chiropractic is the fastest way to recover from back pain

Chiropractic – the fastest way to recover from back pain

It’s Sunday morning, you spent all day Saturday shovelling dirt for the new garden bed. You’ve slept well and are looking forward to your Sunday morning coffee and newspaper. But when you go to get out of bed, you realise that your back hurts. A lot. You take a couple of Panadol, but they don’t do much, so you spend the day taking it easy. Monday morning, who do you call? Your GP? Or your Chiropractor?

Well, a 2014 study from the Journal Spine1 has shown that it’s your Chiropractor you should be calling – and fast!

The study, which followed 107 patients who had begun experiencing low back pain at some time during the past 12 weeks, showed that 94% of patients who received Manual-Thrust Manipulation (MTM) reported significantly significant pain reduction during the 4 week trial, compared to only 56% of patients who received usual medical care (UMC).

Studies like these help to guide public health policy around low back pain and where the best results lay for the patients. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that around 70-90% of the population will suffer from low back pain in some form at some point in their lives.

So if you suffer from back pain, call us at Chiropractors of Ascot on 07 3262 3000.

1 Whedon JM, Mackenzie TA, Phillips RB, Lurie JD. Risk of traumatic injury associated with chiropractic spinal manipulation. Spine 2 014;Dec 9.


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