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Simple things can help make big changes in our life. Dr Kyle has made a video to help identify key elements in the sitting process. Click here for Kyle’s Sitting Video

Check out these images, these photos show how we can improve our posture, no matter what age we are:

Improving our stance

Improving our stance


Chris is a physiotherapist that has a condition known as scheuermann’s disease that leads to a very poor posture. Also being involved in the healthcare profession Chris had tried many techniques to improve his posture. After many failed attempts just after six weeks of care with Dr Kyle you can see his vast improvement.


Mid 20s Male

Mid 20s Male


Richard is a middle aged construction worker that had battled long term lower back pain. Once we corrected his posture this was no longer an issue and now you can see that he has a nice healthy lower back curvature that previously did not exist.


Mid 20s male 3 (2)


Kane Visited Dr kyle as a 19 year old mechanic with great concern for his poor posture and body aches and pains. The above before and after shots are only 3 weeks apart. He is now able to work much longer hours with no concerns for his body.



Mid 40s Female


Maria is an office worker that has had an extensive history of neck pain and headaches. Maria has severe degeneration in her neck with a lack of movement in all directions. Once her posture was corrected the headaches were gone and her neck range of motion increased vastly.


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